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One of the things I love most in life is to just be with Husband and B. If there are two people in this world who just get me, who love me unconditionally {flaws and all} and who actually appreciate me for me it is these two magnificent weirdos. Sometimes I feel strange that we do so much stuff together, as if we are doing B. a disservice for not leaving her with a babysitter or going out of town without her or whatever other people do. Mostly, though, I am so grateful that we are so close and that we just enjoy each other. So, without further ado, some current favourite family past times in three, two, one...


Sure a picnic is kind of basic and obvious but we love them all the same. If B. can plan a picnic to an unknown park she's really in her element. We take a picnic mat or my giant Missoni beach towel, munch on snacks and explore. But we don't just enjoy picnics out. If we're not feeling the weather or it's not possible to venture out we lay down our mat inside and have "picnics" from B's cafe or enjoy taco night on the floor. A family favourite.

"coffee" dates

B. gets a babychino {or more recently, she had her very first hot chocolate} and Husb. and I get a caffeinated beverage and when B. finishes she goes off to play. It's simple but so adored. 

movie dates

The drive-ins, the cinema or watching at home -- we love. For the drive-ins we stuff the boot with pillows and blankets, get burgers and fries and snuggle up in the boot with the seats folded down. Cinemas call for popcorn and slushies and the entire back row to ourselves. And movies at home -- comfy blankets, homemade popcorn and way too much fidgeting.

board games

Oh my goodness, I'm a loser. But yes, board games. We love them. Monopoly. Minions Life. Olaf Operation. This grocery game thing. B. has even started getting into the not cheating thing which is wonderful.

Love my little family.

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