a love letter to my sock box

Just so you know, this is going to be a weird one. I am deeply in love with my odd sock box. Deeply. I smile whenever I see it. It makes me swoon. The idea came to me out of sheer frustration. I was sick and tired of searching through three separate sock drawers every time I put away the laundry. And, so, armed with a spare box that used to hold B's toys, a blackboard label, sharpie and a bunch of odd socks I created the "odd sock" box and a love affair began.

Every time we find a lonely sock we throw it in the box. Once a week I sit down and sort through the box, reuniting long lost loves as I go. This is happiness to me. I love this box. She brings so much joy {her name is Shirley, by the way}. She's simple and not too fancy. She sits in the laundry room day in and day out and so bravely holds nefarious odd socks with ease. I love her. She provides me with that lovely domesticated glow that is so lacking in every day life.

If you don't have a Shirley please go get one and then tell me how wonderful it feels to be sitting at home on a Saturday night sorting through your odd socks. Get back to me. I can wait...

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