what's in a dream...?

Recently I had a dream that while I slept my Husband put sperm in my ear and as I continued to snooze the sperm traveled into my brain. When I awoke I had transformed into a Sperm Zombie and in order to survive I had to eat {drink?} sperm. I don't know why I am even saying/writing this because this is the dumbest/grossest thing I have ever heard but, also, my dreams are always really weird but this is by far the weirdest.

People say that your dreams have meaning and all dreams can be interpreted and I shudder to think what this dream means because sperm tastes gross.

While I'm glad that my brain finally gave me a night off from the dead-Minnie loop I don't really appreciate the sperm munching.

What even is that?

I guess on the upside {?} that if Sperm Zombies do exist and they are trying to take over the world one sperm munch at a time you were warned...

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