the family snuggles

I once read a story about this group of kids and their mum. If you were to be playing at their house, strangely, one-by-one each kid would disappear for half an hour after another had returned. As I was reading my heart quickened and I started to feel off. What was happening to these kids? Scared, I hurriedly read the end which revealed that for thirty minutes a day each child had to have snuggles in bed with their mother. I cringed because it felt weird and wrong to mandate things such as snuggle time and then it hit me...

we are that family.

It happened on Sunday. I came out to the lounge room and mumbled something to Husband. In response to my mumbles he suggested snuggles and as we were on the way to our bedroom I called to Bailey that it was "snuggle time". She came running in, squealing in excitement, and snuggled up in the middle of our bed. Along came a dressing-gowned Husband and there we lay, all snuggled up together.

I love these moments and they're certainly not mandatory but we are this mother aren't we?

We're the family who snuggles together...

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