the adulting blues

Does anyone else have a really hard time adulting? I kind of feel as though I'm just never going to come to terms with the fact that I am an adult. The fact that I'm going to turn 29 in a few months doesn't seem to matter because adulting is hard and, to re-use a Bailey original, it's horrible and it's got spiders in it.

Why must I decide between paying off debts and buying an Olaf onesie? Why is one more important than the other? Look, I've tried and I do have good "adult" days but for the most part I'm going to pick the Olaf onesie every single time because Olaf onesies are essential to ones survival. 

I don't want to be an adult. Rules and routine and finances and disciplining your kid is annoying. Adults make Facebook Groups for their kid's kindergarten class and update it with crap like "Today is Tuesday! Tuesday is library day! Don't forget to return your books!" and I'm like ugh while everyone else seems to be like yay and I just don't get it. No, I shan't be that boring and/or dedicated to my child. I can't possibly. 

I feel like adults also complain on said Facebook Group page about their kid not being invited to another kid's birthday party. I just want everyone to shut up, get a grip on reality and worry about more important things like Olaf onesies and can you find your kid a matching one?

Do adults not like onesies? Is that the issue?

Do I have the brain of a two year old? Am I insane? What is happening here?

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