that married life//going ringless

Hello my name is Jaye and I am a ringless married person. As if that's a thing. As if it matters. But, apparently it does and apparently people care a lot. I don't expect people to just guess that I'm married because that's dumb but being ringless isn't an automatic sign of not being hitched. A ring doesn't make a marriage.

I am not a bad wife for not wearing a ring. I have my own version of a material symbol for my marriage and I don't care what anyone else thinks. Still, I find it frustrating that I am "unusual". I am not "unusual" or "weird" or "unhappy". I am, quite simply, unwilling to fit into society's box of what a wife should look like. And if there's one thing to know about me it is this -- if there is something that society deems as the "done thing" I am going to do the exact opposite.

I am stubborn and I don't like being told what to do. This is the case for many things and wearing a wedding ring/s just happens to be one. I'm never going to slip into a cliched stereotype because that's completely hideous to me. If being a "proper wife" or "happily married" means wearing a ring because people expect it than I'd rather be divorced, thanks.

Of course, I'm completely obnoxious. I hate most people. I hate that we live in a world where people go along with stupid stereotypes rather than knocking them down or ignoring them all together. So you won't catch me complaining about being a parent, or bitching about my Husband for not cleaning properly or any other insipid crap. Aside from the fact I hate the maintenance and diamonds, wearing wedding rings is just another extension of this. Everyone does it and it's really bloody boring. 

Also, I've come up with the perfect reason when people ask me why I don't wear a ring and it goes a little something like this --

well the random guys I give blowjobs to don't really feel comfortable with the ring on so it's easier to keep it off.

And then, after this you get strange looks and people never really speak to you again so win, win. 

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