pretty beautiful//lóreal paris nude magique cushion foundation

This cushion-y beauty is my new favourite foundation. I also detest it with a passion. Confused? Me too. 

L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation -- such a trendy little thing that actually lives up to the hype but it quite literally lasts a few weeks that I'm not sure it's worth the unadulterated pleasure. 

The texture and finish are lovely. It's liquid-y but not too runny. Glowy and provides a lovely coverage. It's like a BB but better. I adore it and think of it often. But, look, a good foundation needs to work for you and that includes your face and your bank account. Sure L'Oreal isn't too expensive but if the foundation only lasts a few weeks {when used 2-3 times a week} then what's the point? Can you imagine spending $30 every 3-4 weeks? Or is that something perfectly reasonable? What say you?

Because I love how it makes my skin, seemingly, glow from within and stay hydrated but I don't enjoy repeatedly having to buy something every month because it just doesn't last. How much product is actually in the thing? Certainly not $30 worth right?

I'm torn.

So, like I said -- I have a love/hate relationship with this foundation and I can't decide if it's like my Husband and worth all the cons because of the outweighing number of pros.

Regardless -- here's some cushion-y tips:

one. don't you dare use it with the sponge that comes with. Use a Beauty Blender or a stippling brush {or your fingers at a pinch} but not this silly thing. Chuck the sponge {or give it to your kid who doesn't know any better} and live normally please.

two. start with a light layer and build to the coverage you want because it can look shiny/greasy if you use too much.

three. the product sinks into your skin and blends well which is deceiving -- make sure to keep an eye out for streaks and blend a bit why don't you?


You can pick up the cushion-y goodness in a variety of shades {I am, of course, the lightest} at your nearest Priceline store or online -- find it here

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