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I am currently using the Too Faced Bulletproof Brows {not worth linking, don't go there} and like everything Too Faced it is lacking and disappointing. I have a wedding coming up soon and am insistent on doing my own face for it {remember this orange story?} so a new brow product was necessary. So off B. and I went. We toddled into Napoleon and tested this product out. Instant love {though the lady who helped me kept insisting I buy the brow pencil even though I told her I detested their brow pencil. Lady, just leave it alone!}. 

Anyway, there's two powders - a taupe and brown and a wax. You also get some mini tweezers and a mini double-ended brush for defining and taming brows. Initial thoughts -- wonderful, luxe packaging and well worth the $49 price tag.  

Is my hand really hideous or what? Some swatches, a misshapen claw and some hideous photography skills. Sweet Escape is a peachy pink and super creamy and glossy. Flirt is a pink matte but still feels creamy. For $9.95 {each} they seem wonderful and on Sportsgirl lipsticks I have only heard wonderful things.

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