misadventures in parenting//the discipline hangover

I have a problem. I hate discipline. It's boring/horrible/has spiders in it. But, apparently, being a parent means being responsible and authoritative and, sometimes, it means your kid needs discipline and, man, I wish someone had told me all this before I got knocked up. It seems like a nice thing to know, you know?

But seriously, obviously I knew I'd have to discipline B. but I didn't know it would be this hard/boring/horrid. But it is. Discipline is the worst and, look, I'm still a kid myself and I just don't wanna! Obviously, I do and sometimes I'm really quite good at it but afterwards I'm stuck with the most obnoxious discipline hangover and it lingers and makes me so eye-rollingly eye-rolly and I hate it.

My kid is usually amazingly wonderful and I very rarely have to do anything too "parent-y" but, look, sometimes I have a kid who refuses to sleep because she's scared so you give in and are lenient but then you realise, some nights, you can spend 2 hours at her door or in the room with her waiting. And you realise, maybe, that the kid is taking advantage of you so you have to put your foot down. I hate putting my foot down. I like my foot slightly raised and carefree okay?

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