I tried to find another nice wedding photo of us but I couldn't. In all the others I look like a lazy-eyed potato & to be honest, this one isn't much better. Why so hideous self?

One of the things I love most about my Husband is that as soon as I met him I stopped trying to be someone I wasn't. With him I just was. He made me feel safe and happy which I don't recall ever feeling before him. I remember when I was a teenager and I had just moved to Sydney and a Doctor spoke to me about depression and I never saw her again. That conversation reminded me too much of being in hospital after appendix surgery and hearing the same thing from the hospital psychologist {social worker?} and just avoiding... avoiding.

And, sure, it took me 7+ years after meeting him to do something proper about it {along with the anxiety and PTSD} but he made me feel safe with my crazy until I was ready to help myself.

My marriage isn't perfect. Sometimes he's a jerk and sometimes I'm a complete cow but it feels pretty darn wonderful to be married to this giant-footed weirdo regardless.

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