planner love//my favourite planners

I mentioned the other day that I adore watching planner girls on YouTube. Such a weird thing to watch people put stickers down but it is what it is...

While I was sick I watched every single one of The Planner Sophisticate videos and I am now even more obsessed than before. She does spreads in her actual planner, mocks and oh-so many sticker hauls. Love. It's a mix between how she speaks and how she plans and I just adore her videos. She's sophisticated & lovely.

Sarahboparah has an accent I love so I was sold on this alone. I found her on Instagram first where she takes pics of her minimal plans. A few weeks later I discovered her YouTube videos and I was hooked. Her voice is soothing, her planning manner is calming and she's just wonderful. I adore her Plan-As-I-Go videos and her handwriting is envy-inducing.

Another planner with an accent I love, Miss Stitchery. She's calming and lovely. She posts lovely Kikki-K hauls, planning videos and much more. My only gripe is that she doesn't post on a regular basis because, of course, some random stranger on the Internet should bow down to my whims dammit!


& those are my 3 consistent planner-girl loves and, yes, I'm dying to find some more so if you have any recommendations leave them below!

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