planner love//joey design sticker review

In yet another planner sticker buying spree I purchased some wonderfully whimsical items from Joey Design. JD has a range of stickers which are hand written/drawn and, oh so, gorgeous. 

Here's my order in a haphazard pile as well as the freebie -- this ice cream gift tag which is cute and all but, man, do I love a good sticker sheet thank you thing {though, saying that, I did receive one extra sheet of the ice creams so perhaps that's an extra too? {Or a mistake that I'm totally subtly getting away with?}. 

Gorgeous, right?

I got 2 sets of the Milk Bar Functional stickers which are matte and priced at $4.50 each.  You get 32 in each sheet and they are easy to peel and stick {though not really re-stickable/removable} and so adorable. I'm in love.

I also picked up one sheet of the To Do Stickers which are, again, matte and are $4.50 for 36 stickers. You get a wonderful mix of colours and the font is just divine.

We have some mini sheets which are all matte and range from 8-24 in a sheet, all at $2.00 each.

I also grabbed one sheet of these adorable ice creams that come with 16 in a pack for $3.00. As I mentioned above, I was sent 2 so I'm assuming one of these is a freebie.

Now, there's a downside and it's small and stupid and barely worth mentioning but, look, it bugged me okay? See the ragged edges in this sheet? There are a few like this and, man, it annoys me. Even now. Still, the actual stickers are cut perfectly and peel fine so it doesn't affect the items themselves so who even knows why I'm mentioning it... Moving on.

The 2nd week of August was my first week that had nothing on it so I made a spread with one sheet of the Milk Bar stickers {with little cookies left over for "bullet points" when needed}. How flippin' cute!

Joey Design is based in Brisbane and took about a week to ship out and be delivered to my greedy little hands. Shopping with Joey Design was, by far, my favourite planner sticker experience. I usually go for super functional labels but these, while functional, are also so darn pretty and so worth all the money. Can't wait to shop with them again {tattered paper and all}.

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