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Suffice it to say that my love for planners, planning & stickers is at an all time high. Seriously. Give me a thousand dollars and I'll want to drop it all on planner stickers & planning supplies. When I'm not actually sticking things in my damn planner I'm watching YouTube videos with people doing the same. What is my life? 

Most people I love that share their planners, plan with the "no white space" look {or as close to it as you can get}. I adore this and I love the patience and dedication involved. Yet, I am neither patient nor dedicated. I just can't plan like that. Here's how my plans go down --

I'm currently using the Botanical Happy Planner {mentioned here}. I use my monthly spread the same as usual {see here} but have ramped up with more sticker decor usage. Love the happy planner stickers for the monthly layout. 

I like to work with months done in advance for the things that won't change like birthdays, pay dates, etc. I use the notes sidebar for bits & pieces/important monthly note items {I have noticed that the Happy Planner either smudges or fades in this section and, yes, it bugs me}.

The main things I like to keep track of are: meals, jayebyday stuff, cleaning & no buy progress. Then I just add in random crap that makes me happy. I have a "to-do" section in the sidebar and then have more day specific to-do's throughout the week.

As you can see, I like to track my happy mail and TV shows and anything else I can think of. I used to think my writing was really neat until I became fully immersed in planning and now I hate it forever.

I tend to leave my upcoming weeks semi-bare, save for essential things that, again, won't change like a birthday, a film release {Suicide Squad hurry up already} or our quarterly deep clean sessions. I also, always, add in upcoming things for B. & her school as we're notified of them because otherwise I'm bound to forget.

I haven't gone any further in my pre-plans than December of this year and even here you can see I've done the bare minimum and, yes, now I'm being driven crazy by the gift box icon next to the dog worming dates. Why did I mistake that for a paw print? Seriously! How and why?

As a planner, I get over-excited and way too proud. So Husband's birthday is already decorated for but the rest of the days will be left blank until we get there... {or close-ish}

I am also an avid list maker so this home planner add-on is a must-have. It comes with to-do lists, a meal planner {which I use to keep track of meals we love and ingredients needed for them}, house cleaning schedule and a budget section. If you love to keep everything written down I can't recommend this add-on highly enough. 

& that's how I plan -- always in awe of those more dedicated and neater than I, but still, haphazard, somewhat messy and always impatient.

And, yes, still trying to figure out why this interests me...

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