planner love//closet planner addict sticker review

I discovered a new lovely sticker lady on Etsy -- Closet Planner Addict -- and I'm excited. Her stickers are wonderfully whimsical and so different to most places out there.
I was on the hunt for some gaming stickers to add to my planner when Husband and I decide to not adult and happened upon CPA because {as it turns out} not many people do gaming stickers.

I picked up these matte Gamepad Stickers, these sushi ones & these Easter ones which were on sale so much needed.

The sticker sheets are small and the paper is a tad weird/different but they stick nicely and really are a nice addition to your planner.

I was also given these three sticker portion-y things -- gym, typewriters {perfect for writing days} and owls {which Bailey promptly stole - sob}.

She also threw in these cactus stickers which are amazing.

Closet Planner Addict's stickers are ridiculously easy to peel {though they aren't necessarily re-usable} and really quite fun. I def. recommend. Her prices are wonderful, customer service is lovely and shipping time is amazing. 

Now go forth and buy stickers.

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