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I recently went a tad sticker happy on Etsy and at Scrap Boutique. By a "tad" I, of course, mean I went overboard but, look, stickers are currently the only thing I want to buy {aside from actual planners which is ridiculous and don't even get me started on why it's only July 2016 and I've purchased 4 planners this year already}. I am obsessed and can't get enough. Here's the loot {and this isn't even all that I ordered -- more to come} --

Stickers by Lizzie - such adorable kawaii stickers. I picked up these cleaning/household ones, these shopping ones and this finance sheet and she also threw in this adorable freebie sheet {side note: I detest water trackers but what are you gonna do?}. All her stickers are soft & smooth, peel wonderfully and look really stinkin' cute.

Studio Kylie -- she's reformatted her stickers {see earlier versions here} so her sheets are much bigger. Despite the larger quantity her prices haven't gone up too much which is wonderful. Her stickers are silky smooth, easy to re-stick and are wonderfully workable {they're matte vinyl which has quickly become my favourite to work with}. I just adore her shop so.

As always, we get the Studio Kylie freebie sheet which, as you can see, I dug into before taking pics. Etsy also tells me I ordered watering cans which I thought came in a different order so, sadly, not featured here {they're cute though}. 

All my Studio Kylie stickers are in the "petal" colour range.

In the same haul I also finally got to pick up these gold Happy Planner Extension Rings & this Happy Planner full Note & Graph Paper. Life fulfilled. As an aside, as soon as I ordered on Scrap Boutique they announced a sale so, ugh and all that. 

Back to Etsy -- Lily Pink Prints. Obsessed. forever dreams stickers, oven stickers, household stickers (purchased 2) & these pencils which I got to mark school stuff for B. And can we discuss this freebie? That pug reminds me of my Husband. Love it.

I can't stress enough that Lily Pink Prints is sticker perfection. If you are looking for affordable stickers that are good quality and last longer than a second and a half you need to head to her Etsy shop. I know I'm paying her money for this stuff but it feels like she's doing me a favour. I don't know... I'm weird, lets go with it. 

Next stop -- Peggy Dalle. I picked up these Friday banners because fri-yay {nit-pick: the first 2 fri-yay banners are not cut correctly}, some watercolour teardrops & flags, Snoopy reading {these make me so happy}, these wonderful rescheduled lazy stickers {nit-pick: those bottom "nop"stickers -- what even?}, this sheet for facial days & these Grumpy Cat Bill Due stickers {love!}.

Man, those mistakes bug me but, also, her freebie sheet is one of the best I've ever seen.

Ooh, look! Joey Design again. Couldn't resist this pink mint sheet and these memo pins.

Also, a freebie sticker sheet! Remember my gripe last time {see here}?

My first Fox and Cactus order {though even before receiving these I made another that has yet to arrive}. Some movie marquees, working guinea pigs, piranha pipes n plants, rainbow single squares & black single squares. The stickers are all amazing quality -- thick & easy to peel and just wonderful {I've already used the entire piranha n plants sheet for my Father's day week spread}. Just gorgeous.

& this freebie sheet has cured me of my dark sticker fear. 

The rest of these are freebies and are amazing as ever.

Now, look, I will add that 2 of these sticker sheets are unusable due to a glitch BUT Closet Planner Addict contacted me before I'd even received them to inform me and is re-sending these. She also updated on her Instagram about the maybe errors too which I think is a) brave b) lovely and c) just makes me love her more. Everybody makes mistakes {hello! me!} and it ain't going to stop me from ordering from her again. In fact, I'll probably order more because girl is wonderful. 

Now I'm just waiting on happy mail from GP Sticker Studio {why take so long}, Made by Elissa {ditto} & Fox & Cactus {which is already on its way} so more ridiculousness soon. 

But can I ask you a question? If I don't put a sticker down, did it happen?

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