mumma & b. school holiday essentials

Is anyone else really darn excited to welcome the first day of school holidays? So often we hear parents complain about school holidays -- so hard! so boring! so expensive! -- and I have to say that my experience {from pre-school last year and kindergarten this year} has been anything but. Because, really, why would anyone hate spending two whole weeks with their kid? Of course, I'm working either 2-3 days during the holidays but those lazy, fabulous mornings with B. without the rush to school and the "oh crap we just woke up at 8.30" panic is wonderful.

Every week before holidays start B. and I go on a crafty rampage and pick up a bunch of goodies to have fun with. For the first few days of school holidays B. revels in the no-school vibe but come day three/four she starts to miss school and learning so she likes to have a schedule of sorts during the days.

This term we have a few left over goodies from last {the wooden masks, wooden fairy wand and Monster High shrink art set} and a bunch of other bits & bobs that B. picked out. She insisted on some sight word and number cards for learning {we also have a bunch of learning books that she pulls out}. I really like to pick up some stuff that she can use as decor in her playroom so we favour canvases to paint, masks, glitter art and stuff like this birdhouse.

I also picked up a generic version of Connect 4 because it's B's favourite game and it adds nicely to her board game collection of Frozen Monopoly. Olaf Operation and Minions Life. Kid loves a board game. We also have 4 drawers of beads so we can make jewellery all holiday long.

Aside from craft and games we also head to our local library and B. picks out some learning and some fun books, some DVD's for us to watch together or ones she can watch while Husband and I have stuff to do. Other than that we schedule fun activities like Disney on Ice. We also use the very last day before school starts back again to go into work with Husband and B. and I go shopping {Mecca is her favourite}, have lunch and head to her favourite playland. And then when school goes back B. is antsy to get back to the structure, her friends and learning and I sob quietly into a pillow because life with that kid is just the most fun ever and I miss her terribly.

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