friday five//planner love essentials

Sick of the planner related posts yet? Ha! As if. But, also, yes.

Currently have a one track mind and it can't be helped. Actually, I apologise, that's a lie. A three track mind. Planner stuff. Orange Is The New Black. Parks & Rec. {again}. 

Also, is it just me or did school holidays go way too quickly? I am devastated.

Forever Dreams by Lily Pink Prints -- the sweetest most adorable sticker sheet that needs to happen asap.

 This Monster's Inc kit from oddloop. I just can't... Words. English. Stuff. How divine!
These hand drawn donut love stickers from The Fox & Pip. All the hand drawn stickers in this shop are simply sublime but these are my favourites because, man, hugging a donut is life goals isn't it?

This Retro Gamer kit from Sweet Kawaii Design. Such a throwback but so currently fitting. Sweet Kawaii Design never gets it wrong.

Grumpy Cat "Bad Day" stickers from Fox and Cactus -- for when your plans don't work out. Cute & obviously a necessity. 


It's about now that I may say "hooray for the weekend" or "fri-yay" or something equally as cliche/awesome but I am deep mourning and denial over B. going back to school next to week so I shan't. Don't talk to me. 

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