friday five//fave husb. & wife moments

Hello. I'm going to be soppy for a bit but, look, my anniversary has just gone so let me have this one because today I really want to share five of my fave Husband & Wife memories/moments/potatoes --

Our early years when we were always broke and just had the most fun we've ever had. Back then we thought "how wonderful" it would be to have money and be able to afford rent every single week and, sure, not being so poor is wonderful but, gosh, I miss those days when all we wanted and needed was each other.

Our dog adventures. Minnie. Summer. And, now, Fred. Even though Minnie left badly and screwed me up mentally. I wouldn't take it back and neither would he. Every furry friend has been spontaneous and, yet, so meticulously planned and have made life infinitely more ridiculously fun. 

Getting married. Obvious, sure, but also really amazingly awesome. Marriage isn't easy and the fucker has done some really horrid things {I haven't, am too wonderful} but it's also one of the best decisions we've ever made and I love that we didn't become "that" couple and we stuck to how we wanted our wedding to be and we just did us and thought "fuck everyone else" because, yes. 

But, also, our wedding was okay and our reception was fun but my favourite moments were waking up together with Minnie on the morning of and forgoing all the stupid traditions {like him not seeing the dress beforehand, don't even get me started} and we were just us. 

I remember during the reception {if you can call it that} I just wanted to have a quickie in the bathroom but it was like -- ugh, guests -- and then as it turns out we were too tired to even have sex that night so we didn't and it was fine because rules are stupid. Also, waking up to hash browns the next morning was the best day after breakfast in the world. 

When I was pregnant. Loved that time. Pregnancy was an ease {aside from sickness/sciatica/slipped disc} and it just made us so much closer and so much more in love. Husband also loved me pregnant and he continues to love me no matter how I look and I love that.

This weirdo. She's our greatest adventure and our marriage is all the better with her in it. Seriously. Kids and marriage is kind of all the awesomeness and then some. 

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