friday five//current favourites

My Husband has been sick/injured/gross for a full four months now. For four months we've been living a kind of half-life where Husband spends most of his time in the car waiting for B. & I to get essential stuff done or resting at home. I know I'm being really selfish in this but I just can't wait to go somewhere with him without having to leave early or without him hobbling around. I love the guy but I just want/need/crave for him to get better and our lives to go back to normal {worst wife ever?}. 

Anyway, it's Friday and I'm looking forward to a weekend of Wii-U and perhaps we'll finally get started on Orange Is The New Black? The upside to Husband being unable to wear proper shoes and being home-bound is that we're quickly becoming versions of our childhood Mario obsessed selves. Though, is it just me or does the Wii-mote give anyone else really bad vibrator hand?

I purchased my third planner of the year. It's not even July. I started the Botanical 2016-2017 Happy Planner on Monday & I am obsessed. So functional, easy to use and customise and just gorgeous.

These bear slippers from Peter Alexander are just the greatest, comfiest, coziest things in the entire world and I love them.

The other day I was whinging that adults rarely get cute items of clothing {compared to kids anyway} and B. made me get these to make me feel better because "now you can see adults do get fun stuff!"

This Toucan Sam sequined jumper from Peter Alexander. I can't find it online so if you need one {you do!} go to your nearest PA store. I picked up the small and it fits perfectly so go out of your normal size range why don't you?

Sense a theme? Toucan Sam bag from Peter Alexander. I picked this up for make up to take on the go but I've decided to keep it aside and use it as a clutch for a wedding in August. Ridiculous, yes. So me. As above, this is no longer online so get your butt to a Peter Alexander store and buy fifty.

Ignore The Body Shop Passion Fruit Shower Gel {though divine} and pay attention to the Diamante Eye Mask from Peter Alexander. It's currently on sale for $9 and if you can buy in bulk because this is the best eye mask I have ever used. It creates just a wonderful blackness {usually I can sense light and it bugs me} and I have had the best sleep at night since using. So luxurious and divine. 


Now, to the weekend x

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