being mum//disney on ice with b.

Last week I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of going to a Disney On Ice show and I got to share it with B. Life made. But, seriously, there aren't many good things I remember from my childhood. The only thing I remember being taken to was the circus and, well, congratulations parent on taking your kid to an animal abuse extravaganza, is how I feel about that. Suffice to say this outing was long overdue. I may have shed a few tears for just getting to be there and then some more because I got to share it with B.

The show has since finished its run in Sydney but if you can go, even if it means waiting until it comes back {it does come back right?}, you need to. I'm a huge Disney fan and loved seeing all my favourites from The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Frozen. Olaf!

He did In Summer which was, of course, my favourite part. Pictures were few and far between because my phone was away for the majority of the show {apparently, even if you don't take photos it did happen} and, also, it was really darn hard to get a good shot but, look, when Olaf comes out you need to snap some shots of his head coming off and his general amazingness.

B. loved it. And in typical B. fashion she got very sad at the end because she didn't want it to end. Truthfully, I was tempted to buy tickets to the later show just so we could bask in the awesome just that bit longer...

Also, I felt really mum-like there because I packed my Louis with snacks from home because, as it turns out, snacks are really expensive. Also, Cheezles and Dairy Milk and Gummy Bears are really Disney On Ice essentials.

B. dressed as Queen Elsa which meant her H&M Elsa dress and her Elsa cape. She's also taken to wearing socks with everything and I've now stopped trying to stop her. I think she pulls it off though so I'm leaving it be. Maybe.

While I was sitting there with B. she reached for my hand and we stayed like that when she wasn't up dancing and it was kind of the best thing that's ever happened. As a kid, and look, sure, as an adult too, I always wished for parents that were different -- loving, thoughtful & generous. I've since come to peace with the fact that's never going to happen and, now, I have no parents and that's fine because B. has me and I have B. and that's all I need. 

Man, I love that kid and I don't know how or why I got so lucky to have someone so awesome as her as my kid but I'm never taking one second of it for granted.

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