friday five//fave husb. & wife moments

Hello. I'm going to be soppy for a bit but, look, my anniversary has just gone so let me have this one because today I really want to share five of my fave Husband & Wife memories/moments/potatoes --

Our early years when we were always broke and just had the most fun we've ever had. Back then we thought "how wonderful" it would be to have money and be able to afford rent every single week and, sure, not being so poor is wonderful but, gosh, I miss those days when all we wanted and needed was each other.

Our dog adventures. Minnie. Summer. And, now, Fred. Even though Minnie left badly and screwed me up mentally. I wouldn't take it back and neither would he. Every furry friend has been spontaneous and, yet, so meticulously planned and have made life infinitely more ridiculously fun. 

Getting married. Obvious, sure, but also really amazingly awesome. Marriage isn't easy and the fucker has done some really horrid things {I haven't, am too wonderful} but it's also one of the best decisions we've ever made and I love that we didn't become "that" couple and we stuck to how we wanted our wedding to be and we just did us and thought "fuck everyone else" because, yes. 

But, also, our wedding was okay and our reception was fun but my favourite moments were waking up together with Minnie on the morning of and forgoing all the stupid traditions {like him not seeing the dress beforehand, don't even get me started} and we were just us. 

I remember during the reception {if you can call it that} I just wanted to have a quickie in the bathroom but it was like -- ugh, guests -- and then as it turns out we were too tired to even have sex that night so we didn't and it was fine because rules are stupid. Also, waking up to hash browns the next morning was the best day after breakfast in the world. 

When I was pregnant. Loved that time. Pregnancy was an ease {aside from sickness/sciatica/slipped disc} and it just made us so much closer and so much more in love. Husband also loved me pregnant and he continues to love me no matter how I look and I love that.

This weirdo. She's our greatest adventure and our marriage is all the better with her in it. Seriously. Kids and marriage is kind of all the awesomeness and then some. 


wisdom or something like it...

I'm still not entirely sure how I've been allowed to have a child for 5 years and be married for 6. Some days I sit and just think "is this a joke?" "Truman?" and then, after a moment, I just go on my merry way which mainly means I go back to being a fool. Most of the time I feel far too immature and way too fucking annoying to be a mum and a wife. Adulting is hard and I doubt I'll ever get it down. Still, on good days when I can be bothered wearing a bra and brushing my hair I do often feel wise. Okay, fine, wise-ish. Here's some random crap I'd quite like to impart on the world --


Being a parent is not hard. So don't be scared about becoming one. It's really bloody fun.

Giving birth isn't always really painful. For me my waters breaking and the placenta coming out felt worse. Sure it still hurts a lot but I got through it without drugs and I'm a massive baby that gets angry if I don't get Olaf band-aids to use on my cuts. 

Not breastfeeding isn't the end of the world. Not feeding your baby is worse so just deal with the facts of your life and get on with it.

Embrace everything about parenting and make it fun. Even if it's interrupted sleep or a bed shared with your kicking kid or not having sex for an entire week.

Being married is fun and wonderful. And if you can marry someone who you tell everything to {not poop stories, please no!} then it's really quite easy. And when I say everything I mean everything. Even the time you flirted with and pretended to like a guy at work to make your Husband jealous. Even if he doesn't get jealous so it backfires and then you have to live with the knowledge that you flirted with someone gross. Tell them that...

Embrace yourself and your relationship even if everyone thinks you're a big weirdo because your Husband is your best friend and you love nothing more than spending a night {all the nights} in snuggling with them. 

Don't care what anyone else thinks because, clearly, you're awesome.

Don't compare. Ever. Yourself {especially your body}. Your baby/child {with everything}. Your marriage. None of it. Everyone is different so, of course, you don't look like them in a bikini. Every baby is different so, of course, yours doesn't eat/sleep/develop like theirs. Every marriage and every person is different so stop the stupid comparisons and just live your life. Don't live for anybody else. 

Don't stress about losing unimportant people even if you're related. You're better off. They don't matter.

Don't let work stress get the best of you. Repeat this mantra: I'm awesome. Blah blah.

Wear whatever you want. Dance however you want. Be whoever you want.

Unless you're an asshole. Don't be an asshole.


planner love//all the stickers

I recently went a tad sticker happy on Etsy and at Scrap Boutique. By a "tad" I, of course, mean I went overboard but, look, stickers are currently the only thing I want to buy {aside from actual planners which is ridiculous and don't even get me started on why it's only July 2016 and I've purchased 4 planners this year already}. I am obsessed and can't get enough. Here's the loot {and this isn't even all that I ordered -- more to come} --

Stickers by Lizzie - such adorable kawaii stickers. I picked up these cleaning/household ones, these shopping ones and this finance sheet and she also threw in this adorable freebie sheet {side note: I detest water trackers but what are you gonna do?}. All her stickers are soft & smooth, peel wonderfully and look really stinkin' cute.

Studio Kylie -- she's reformatted her stickers {see earlier versions here} so her sheets are much bigger. Despite the larger quantity her prices haven't gone up too much which is wonderful. Her stickers are silky smooth, easy to re-stick and are wonderfully workable {they're matte vinyl which has quickly become my favourite to work with}. I just adore her shop so.

As always, we get the Studio Kylie freebie sheet which, as you can see, I dug into before taking pics. Etsy also tells me I ordered watering cans which I thought came in a different order so, sadly, not featured here {they're cute though}. 

All my Studio Kylie stickers are in the "petal" colour range.

In the same haul I also finally got to pick up these gold Happy Planner Extension Rings & this Happy Planner full Note & Graph Paper. Life fulfilled. As an aside, as soon as I ordered on Scrap Boutique they announced a sale so, ugh and all that. 

Back to Etsy -- Lily Pink Prints. Obsessed. forever dreams stickers, oven stickers, household stickers (purchased 2) & these pencils which I got to mark school stuff for B. And can we discuss this freebie? That pug reminds me of my Husband. Love it.

I can't stress enough that Lily Pink Prints is sticker perfection. If you are looking for affordable stickers that are good quality and last longer than a second and a half you need to head to her Etsy shop. I know I'm paying her money for this stuff but it feels like she's doing me a favour. I don't know... I'm weird, lets go with it. 

Next stop -- Peggy Dalle. I picked up these Friday banners because fri-yay {nit-pick: the first 2 fri-yay banners are not cut correctly}, some watercolour teardrops & flags, Snoopy reading {these make me so happy}, these wonderful rescheduled lazy stickers {nit-pick: those bottom "nop"stickers -- what even?}, this sheet for facial days & these Grumpy Cat Bill Due stickers {love!}.

Man, those mistakes bug me but, also, her freebie sheet is one of the best I've ever seen.

Ooh, look! Joey Design again. Couldn't resist this pink mint sheet and these memo pins.

Also, a freebie sticker sheet! Remember my gripe last time {see here}?

My first Fox and Cactus order {though even before receiving these I made another that has yet to arrive}. Some movie marquees, working guinea pigs, piranha pipes n plants, rainbow single squares & black single squares. The stickers are all amazing quality -- thick & easy to peel and just wonderful {I've already used the entire piranha n plants sheet for my Father's day week spread}. Just gorgeous.

& this freebie sheet has cured me of my dark sticker fear. 

The rest of these are freebies and are amazing as ever.

Now, look, I will add that 2 of these sticker sheets are unusable due to a glitch BUT Closet Planner Addict contacted me before I'd even received them to inform me and is re-sending these. She also updated on her Instagram about the maybe errors too which I think is a) brave b) lovely and c) just makes me love her more. Everybody makes mistakes {hello! me!} and it ain't going to stop me from ordering from her again. In fact, I'll probably order more because girl is wonderful. 

Now I'm just waiting on happy mail from GP Sticker Studio {why take so long}, Made by Elissa {ditto} & Fox & Cactus {which is already on its way} so more ridiculousness soon. 

But can I ask you a question? If I don't put a sticker down, did it happen?



I tried to find another nice wedding photo of us but I couldn't. In all the others I look like a lazy-eyed potato & to be honest, this one isn't much better. Why so hideous self?

One of the things I love most about my Husband is that as soon as I met him I stopped trying to be someone I wasn't. With him I just was. He made me feel safe and happy which I don't recall ever feeling before him. I remember when I was a teenager and I had just moved to Sydney and a Doctor spoke to me about depression and I never saw her again. That conversation reminded me too much of being in hospital after appendix surgery and hearing the same thing from the hospital psychologist {social worker?} and just avoiding... avoiding.

And, sure, it took me 7+ years after meeting him to do something proper about it {along with the anxiety and PTSD} but he made me feel safe with my crazy until I was ready to help myself.

My marriage isn't perfect. Sometimes he's a jerk and sometimes I'm a complete cow but it feels pretty darn wonderful to be married to this giant-footed weirdo regardless.


friday five//in the name of love

Six years in a few days. Pip pip tally ho and all that. We're still forgoing gifts and the whole "extravagant" show but, look, I'm still me and I've still trawled the Internet for all my favourite love finds and I'm still going to share them here --


current obsession//netflix's daredevil

Current TV/Netflix obsession -- Daredevil. Have you watched it? Can we discuss Vincent D'Onofrio's character please? He's terrifying and I love it.

I've never watched the movie version and I don't intend to. Netflix's version with Charlie Cox, Elden Henson and Deborah Ann Woll is every amount of awesome that I need in my life.

Sometimes it's a tad too much violence for me but, gosh, I can't stop binge watching & every episode with D'Onofrio is the best.


being mum//disney on ice with b.

Last week I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of going to a Disney On Ice show and I got to share it with B. Life made. But, seriously, there aren't many good things I remember from my childhood. The only thing I remember being taken to was the circus and, well, congratulations parent on taking your kid to an animal abuse extravaganza, is how I feel about that. Suffice to say this outing was long overdue. I may have shed a few tears for just getting to be there and then some more because I got to share it with B.

The show has since finished its run in Sydney but if you can go, even if it means waiting until it comes back {it does come back right?}, you need to. I'm a huge Disney fan and loved seeing all my favourites from The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Frozen. Olaf!

He did In Summer which was, of course, my favourite part. Pictures were few and far between because my phone was away for the majority of the show {apparently, even if you don't take photos it did happen} and, also, it was really darn hard to get a good shot but, look, when Olaf comes out you need to snap some shots of his head coming off and his general amazingness.

B. loved it. And in typical B. fashion she got very sad at the end because she didn't want it to end. Truthfully, I was tempted to buy tickets to the later show just so we could bask in the awesome just that bit longer...

Also, I felt really mum-like there because I packed my Louis with snacks from home because, as it turns out, snacks are really expensive. Also, Cheezles and Dairy Milk and Gummy Bears are really Disney On Ice essentials.

B. dressed as Queen Elsa which meant her H&M Elsa dress and her Elsa cape. She's also taken to wearing socks with everything and I've now stopped trying to stop her. I think she pulls it off though so I'm leaving it be. Maybe.

While I was sitting there with B. she reached for my hand and we stayed like that when she wasn't up dancing and it was kind of the best thing that's ever happened. As a kid, and look, sure, as an adult too, I always wished for parents that were different -- loving, thoughtful & generous. I've since come to peace with the fact that's never going to happen and, now, I have no parents and that's fine because B. has me and I have B. and that's all I need. 

Man, I love that kid and I don't know how or why I got so lucky to have someone so awesome as her as my kid but I'm never taking one second of it for granted.


planner love//my favourite planners

I mentioned the other day that I adore watching planner girls on YouTube. Such a weird thing to watch people put stickers down but it is what it is...

While I was sick I watched every single one of The Planner Sophisticate videos and I am now even more obsessed than before. She does spreads in her actual planner, mocks and oh-so many sticker hauls. Love. It's a mix between how she speaks and how she plans and I just adore her videos. She's sophisticated & lovely.

Sarahboparah has an accent I love so I was sold on this alone. I found her on Instagram first where she takes pics of her minimal plans. A few weeks later I discovered her YouTube videos and I was hooked. Her voice is soothing, her planning manner is calming and she's just wonderful. I adore her Plan-As-I-Go videos and her handwriting is envy-inducing.

Another planner with an accent I love, Miss Stitchery. She's calming and lovely. She posts lovely Kikki-K hauls, planning videos and much more. My only gripe is that she doesn't post on a regular basis because, of course, some random stranger on the Internet should bow down to my whims dammit!


& those are my 3 consistent planner-girl loves and, yes, I'm dying to find some more so if you have any recommendations leave them below!


friday five//planner love essentials

Sick of the planner related posts yet? Ha! As if. But, also, yes.

Currently have a one track mind and it can't be helped. Actually, I apologise, that's a lie. A three track mind. Planner stuff. Orange Is The New Black. Parks & Rec. {again}. 

Also, is it just me or did school holidays go way too quickly? I am devastated.

Forever Dreams by Lily Pink Prints -- the sweetest most adorable sticker sheet that needs to happen asap.

 This Monster's Inc kit from oddloop. I just can't... Words. English. Stuff. How divine!
These hand drawn donut love stickers from The Fox & Pip. All the hand drawn stickers in this shop are simply sublime but these are my favourites because, man, hugging a donut is life goals isn't it?

This Retro Gamer kit from Sweet Kawaii Design. Such a throwback but so currently fitting. Sweet Kawaii Design never gets it wrong.

Grumpy Cat "Bad Day" stickers from Fox and Cactus -- for when your plans don't work out. Cute & obviously a necessity. 


It's about now that I may say "hooray for the weekend" or "fri-yay" or something equally as cliche/awesome but I am deep mourning and denial over B. going back to school next to week so I shan't. Don't talk to me. 


planner love//how i like to plan

Suffice it to say that my love for planners, planning & stickers is at an all time high. Seriously. Give me a thousand dollars and I'll want to drop it all on planner stickers & planning supplies. When I'm not actually sticking things in my damn planner I'm watching YouTube videos with people doing the same. What is my life? 

Most people I love that share their planners, plan with the "no white space" look {or as close to it as you can get}. I adore this and I love the patience and dedication involved. Yet, I am neither patient nor dedicated. I just can't plan like that. Here's how my plans go down --

I'm currently using the Botanical Happy Planner {mentioned here}. I use my monthly spread the same as usual {see here} but have ramped up with more sticker decor usage. Love the happy planner stickers for the monthly layout. 

I like to work with months done in advance for the things that won't change like birthdays, pay dates, etc. I use the notes sidebar for bits & pieces/important monthly note items {I have noticed that the Happy Planner either smudges or fades in this section and, yes, it bugs me}.

The main things I like to keep track of are: meals, jayebyday stuff, cleaning & no buy progress. Then I just add in random crap that makes me happy. I have a "to-do" section in the sidebar and then have more day specific to-do's throughout the week.

As you can see, I like to track my happy mail and TV shows and anything else I can think of. I used to think my writing was really neat until I became fully immersed in planning and now I hate it forever.

I tend to leave my upcoming weeks semi-bare, save for essential things that, again, won't change like a birthday, a film release {Suicide Squad hurry up already} or our quarterly deep clean sessions. I also, always, add in upcoming things for B. & her school as we're notified of them because otherwise I'm bound to forget.

I haven't gone any further in my pre-plans than December of this year and even here you can see I've done the bare minimum and, yes, now I'm being driven crazy by the gift box icon next to the dog worming dates. Why did I mistake that for a paw print? Seriously! How and why?

As a planner, I get over-excited and way too proud. So Husband's birthday is already decorated for but the rest of the days will be left blank until we get there... {or close-ish}

I am also an avid list maker so this home planner add-on is a must-have. It comes with to-do lists, a meal planner {which I use to keep track of meals we love and ingredients needed for them}, house cleaning schedule and a budget section. If you love to keep everything written down I can't recommend this add-on highly enough. 

& that's how I plan -- always in awe of those more dedicated and neater than I, but still, haphazard, somewhat messy and always impatient.

And, yes, still trying to figure out why this interests me...


planner love//closet planner addict sticker review

I discovered a new lovely sticker lady on Etsy -- Closet Planner Addict -- and I'm excited. Her stickers are wonderfully whimsical and so different to most places out there.
I was on the hunt for some gaming stickers to add to my planner when Husband and I decide to not adult and happened upon CPA because {as it turns out} not many people do gaming stickers.

I picked up these matte Gamepad Stickers, these sushi ones & these Easter ones which were on sale so much needed.

The sticker sheets are small and the paper is a tad weird/different but they stick nicely and really are a nice addition to your planner.

I was also given these three sticker portion-y things -- gym, typewriters {perfect for writing days} and owls {which Bailey promptly stole - sob}.

She also threw in these cactus stickers which are amazing.

Closet Planner Addict's stickers are ridiculously easy to peel {though they aren't necessarily re-usable} and really quite fun. I def. recommend. Her prices are wonderful, customer service is lovely and shipping time is amazing. 

Now go forth and buy stickers.


scars & shells

So often people and the very idea of all the terrible parts of human nature make me terrified for this world. I retreat, shrink into a shell of my former self, crawl towards the darkness just that bit more. I'm always scared for the world. Of racism and violence and hideous human beings. It feels like they're everywhere.

So often I joke that "I hate people" but, truthfully, it's not a joke. I don't necessarily hate but people are gross. People who claim to love you, love your child, who befriend those who hurt you. Who surround themselves with people who, seemingly, have nothing better to do than talk about you behind your back but always in ear shot. It's not that their words hurt because their words are meaningless. It's the idea that someone who claims to love you, who claims to love your daughter, can let you and your child be surrounded by that. Who don't care, who sit on fences, who lie.

This, along with so many other reasons, is why the world scares me. There's hideous violence and disturbing amounts of hate and, yet, there are people in this world who don't see things like that and try and make the world a better place and themselves better people. They stay stuck in high school, in the bitchiness, in the bringing others down to make themselves feel or look better. They have little interest in making anything, other than their own self-absorbed lives, better. 

So often I feel surrounded by those kinds of people.

It's frightening. 


friday five//winter warmers

Even though I am on a current perpetual loop of sickness I love this time of year. It's so wonderfully cold and days are filled with shuffling from freezing to warm with cozy socks and I just adore it so.

these west elm mugs -- quirky & cute




planner love//joey design sticker review

In yet another planner sticker buying spree I purchased some wonderfully whimsical items from Joey Design. JD has a range of stickers which are hand written/drawn and, oh so, gorgeous. 

Here's my order in a haphazard pile as well as the freebie -- this ice cream gift tag which is cute and all but, man, do I love a good sticker sheet thank you thing {though, saying that, I did receive one extra sheet of the ice creams so perhaps that's an extra too? {Or a mistake that I'm totally subtly getting away with?}. 

Gorgeous, right?

I got 2 sets of the Milk Bar Functional stickers which are matte and priced at $4.50 each.  You get 32 in each sheet and they are easy to peel and stick {though not really re-stickable/removable} and so adorable. I'm in love.

I also picked up one sheet of the To Do Stickers which are, again, matte and are $4.50 for 36 stickers. You get a wonderful mix of colours and the font is just divine.

We have some mini sheets which are all matte and range from 8-24 in a sheet, all at $2.00 each.

I also grabbed one sheet of these adorable ice creams that come with 16 in a pack for $3.00. As I mentioned above, I was sent 2 so I'm assuming one of these is a freebie.

Now, there's a downside and it's small and stupid and barely worth mentioning but, look, it bugged me okay? See the ragged edges in this sheet? There are a few like this and, man, it annoys me. Even now. Still, the actual stickers are cut perfectly and peel fine so it doesn't affect the items themselves so who even knows why I'm mentioning it... Moving on.

The 2nd week of August was my first week that had nothing on it so I made a spread with one sheet of the Milk Bar stickers {with little cookies left over for "bullet points" when needed}. How flippin' cute!

Joey Design is based in Brisbane and took about a week to ship out and be delivered to my greedy little hands. Shopping with Joey Design was, by far, my favourite planner sticker experience. I usually go for super functional labels but these, while functional, are also so darn pretty and so worth all the money. Can't wait to shop with them again {tattered paper and all}.


mumma & b. school holiday essentials

Is anyone else really darn excited to welcome the first day of school holidays? So often we hear parents complain about school holidays -- so hard! so boring! so expensive! -- and I have to say that my experience {from pre-school last year and kindergarten this year} has been anything but. Because, really, why would anyone hate spending two whole weeks with their kid? Of course, I'm working either 2-3 days during the holidays but those lazy, fabulous mornings with B. without the rush to school and the "oh crap we just woke up at 8.30" panic is wonderful.

Every week before holidays start B. and I go on a crafty rampage and pick up a bunch of goodies to have fun with. For the first few days of school holidays B. revels in the no-school vibe but come day three/four she starts to miss school and learning so she likes to have a schedule of sorts during the days.

This term we have a few left over goodies from last {the wooden masks, wooden fairy wand and Monster High shrink art set} and a bunch of other bits & bobs that B. picked out. She insisted on some sight word and number cards for learning {we also have a bunch of learning books that she pulls out}. I really like to pick up some stuff that she can use as decor in her playroom so we favour canvases to paint, masks, glitter art and stuff like this birdhouse.

I also picked up a generic version of Connect 4 because it's B's favourite game and it adds nicely to her board game collection of Frozen Monopoly. Olaf Operation and Minions Life. Kid loves a board game. We also have 4 drawers of beads so we can make jewellery all holiday long.

Aside from craft and games we also head to our local library and B. picks out some learning and some fun books, some DVD's for us to watch together or ones she can watch while Husband and I have stuff to do. Other than that we schedule fun activities like Disney on Ice. We also use the very last day before school starts back again to go into work with Husband and B. and I go shopping {Mecca is her favourite}, have lunch and head to her favourite playland. And then when school goes back B. is antsy to get back to the structure, her friends and learning and I sob quietly into a pillow because life with that kid is just the most fun ever and I miss her terribly.


friday five//current favourites

My Husband has been sick/injured/gross for a full four months now. For four months we've been living a kind of half-life where Husband spends most of his time in the car waiting for B. & I to get essential stuff done or resting at home. I know I'm being really selfish in this but I just can't wait to go somewhere with him without having to leave early or without him hobbling around. I love the guy but I just want/need/crave for him to get better and our lives to go back to normal {worst wife ever?}. 

Anyway, it's Friday and I'm looking forward to a weekend of Wii-U and perhaps we'll finally get started on Orange Is The New Black? The upside to Husband being unable to wear proper shoes and being home-bound is that we're quickly becoming versions of our childhood Mario obsessed selves. Though, is it just me or does the Wii-mote give anyone else really bad vibrator hand?

I purchased my third planner of the year. It's not even July. I started the Botanical 2016-2017 Happy Planner on Monday & I am obsessed. So functional, easy to use and customise and just gorgeous.

These bear slippers from Peter Alexander are just the greatest, comfiest, coziest things in the entire world and I love them.

The other day I was whinging that adults rarely get cute items of clothing {compared to kids anyway} and B. made me get these to make me feel better because "now you can see adults do get fun stuff!"

This Toucan Sam sequined jumper from Peter Alexander. I can't find it online so if you need one {you do!} go to your nearest PA store. I picked up the small and it fits perfectly so go out of your normal size range why don't you?

Sense a theme? Toucan Sam bag from Peter Alexander. I picked this up for make up to take on the go but I've decided to keep it aside and use it as a clutch for a wedding in August. Ridiculous, yes. So me. As above, this is no longer online so get your butt to a Peter Alexander store and buy fifty.

Ignore The Body Shop Passion Fruit Shower Gel {though divine} and pay attention to the Diamante Eye Mask from Peter Alexander. It's currently on sale for $9 and if you can buy in bulk because this is the best eye mask I have ever used. It creates just a wonderful blackness {usually I can sense light and it bugs me} and I have had the best sleep at night since using. So luxurious and divine. 


Now, to the weekend x