sticker book obsession

As you may have seen, I am pretty darn obsessed with purchasing stickers off Etsy {see here & here} but I also enjoy not purchasing stickers from Etsy too. I have dabbled with lots of loose stickers from places like Officeworks but have finally found my non-Etsy groove with sticker books {don't worry Officeworks I still love you}. Sure, sticker books may be pricey but you get a whole book of stickers! Case closed.

My favourite spot for sticker books has always been Kikki-K, they have the most amazing range but my newsest, favouritest, pick comes from Asos and Ban.Do. But before I delve even further into sharing my latest find can we discuss the absurdity here? These are stickers! To go in a planner that, sure, I will keep forever and will make me happy to see it look more like a journal or scrapbook of our lives but, also, stickers! People are so obsessed with them that they use their planners without any white space and they use all the stickers and I just can't. If you're wondering what the deal is I, quite honestly, have no idea. I'm not sure what started the obsession or why I can't go on Etsy without buying some more but, man, it's weird isn't it? Anyway, moving on...

How can you not purchase these based on the cover alone? So cute. But also --

The book has 35 pages with over 700 stickers. There's planner reminders, illustrations and labels and I am obsessed. My favourite page is the hair appointment, nail appointment & coffee date stickers but I also love those blank speech bubbles and, well sure, everything else.

Aside from what's pictured there's -- gorgeous alphabet stickers, some party stickers {one sheet that looks perfect for New Years}, random picks like "fries before guys", a vacation sheet, birthday & girls night out sheets, cute stars, mouths & hands, hearts with faces and lots of labels {including gift ones}.

The sticker book retails for $21, Asos gives me free express shipping and voila! dreams are made. 

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