planner love//sublime sticker storage

Why am I even writing about this? Why is this my new "thing"? Sometimes I can't believe that I am a twenty-eight year old obsessed with planners and stickers and how to bloody store them. But I am aren't I? And it makes me happy and, well, here I am writing some crap about it now. Moving on --

I saw someone on Etsy selling folders for people to store their stickers in and I decided it was a wonderful idea but there was no way in the world that I would pay someone to do it for me so off to Officeworks I went. I purchased 2 folders {this floral one and this one with hearts}, these Otto Index Dividers and these J. Burrows Binder Document Wallets

I liked the "kraft paper" look of these dividers. They also came with sticker labels to organise them. I organised these by "labels", "cute", "dots, etc", "functional" and "flags". The other folder holds my "misc." and happy planner stickers.

I really like these document wallets as opposed to just normal plastic sleeves because the stickers can't fall out and it helps keep them contained.

I also punched holes in the stickers that were big enough to hold them. Though, to be honest, I much prefer the storage in the wallets.

For my sticker books like my Kikki-K & Ban.Do ones I still keep them in this bits & bobs storage {that I mentioned here}.

I really adore the new storage system. The folders keep everything contained nicely and I'm not searching for a specific sticker for hours.

But, seriously... this is the thing I'm spending my money on. 

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