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I recently placed quite a few little sticker orders from a few different Aussie shops on Etsy -- a few were shops I'd already discovered and fallen quite in love with like Studio Kylie & Confessions By Court and the others were some recent finds like Lily Pink Prints. LPP is based in Sydney and offers a massive range of lovely stickers.

I'm quite a fan of functional planning and, so, I usually select stickers that meet that need. I do admire the "no white space" look but it's just not for me. For functionality alone I picked 5 sheets of various icon stickers which come with 66 stickers on each for $3.50. There's a wide range on LPP, for this order I picked up: washing baskets, stars, meals, exclamation marks and running shoes.

With LPP stickers you get to select your paper -- either matte for $3.50 or glossy for $4.00 but you don't get a choice of colour theme with these. What you see is what you get {which is actually really lovely and versatile}. I picked up the matte because I'm cheap and I actually quite prefer matte stickers for icons like these because they calm the page down a bit.

I also picked up some pretty functional stickers {again matte} -- grocery bags {60 on this sheet}, make up brushes {160 on this sheet} and heart envelopes {90 on this one}. 

I do regret not picking up a full sheet of movie marquees because they are just so lovely. And, also, how divine are these funk tv's?

& that's it! LPP also sends a cute little "freebie" thank you pack, some of which I've used already {aside from a pay day one which I gave to Husband because it wasn't me at all}. I do love a shop who does this because you get a little treat and an insight into their other products.

Here's one of the "freebie" stickers in action. A cat-icorn? Uni-cat? No idea but it's really cute and perfection for a day off. I'm not sure why. It just is. 

Lily Pink Prints matte stickers are smooth and easy to peel. They're kind-of re-stickable if needed but, as always, not if left for too long. When I first purchased I felt a bit down because some of the stickers didn't look as interesting as I'd like but when I got them and got to sticking them I was pleasantly surprised. Since I didn't get the glossy ones they don't exactly "pop" off the page in the same way but they do add such a wonderfully special something and I will definitely be repurchasing. 

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