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Let me tell you a story about an epically draggy Friday afternoon/night. Of boredom and tired and fingers that Googled all on their own {I wasn't at work! How you dare! ahem}. Of the desire for Happy Planner stickers that called Australia home and the discovery of a little online shop called Scrap Boutique who stocked such wonders. Of orders I most certainly did need. Of stickers purchased well after end of business. Of delivery the very next Tuesday. Ah! Also, Freddo Frog surprises. Need I say more? No? Well I shall. Pip pip.

I ordered the Don't Forget stickers, the To Do Bright stickers & the To Do in neutral, two packs of the bold washi, the Colourful Dots & a pack of the everyday reminders {I also picked up a pack of these snap-in tabs but they were a bit of a miss}.  

The "stop the glorification of busy" and "don't forget to be awesome" stickers are my favourite.

The stickers are quite thick and can't really be peeled back up and used again but other than that they are amazing. The only downside is that if you do stick it down incorrectly the sticker {if you can get it off} is rendered useless. One that I managed to get up and down again now has a flaky effect to it which ain't cute.

The packs come with 5-6 sheets of different stickers which is lovely {because some sticker books repeat the same design on each page}. I adore the colours and designs of these. There's gold and a gorgeous teal and the flags are wonderful. Also, the fonts are divine.

Of course, I'm now addicted to the Happy Planner stickers and need them all.

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