j reads//pretty girls by karin slaughter

I've just finished the book and am now stuck in a perpetual loop of disgust, the same three words swirling in my brain.

what the fuck?

Because, seriously. I don't know if I have ever read something so entirely fucked up in the best way possible. What starts out as one thing twists into something else entirely and I'm still lost in the icky feelings that Slaughter's words bring.

Of course, being a fan of shows like Criminal Minds means I've envisioned such horrors before but there's something different when it's in book-form, when it's your own imagination prodding the story along, filling your mind.

Pretty Girls is wonderful, scary and really fucking hideous and if someone had of told me everything that would transpire I'm not sure I would have wanted to read it. Though I am sure, as it always does, my curiosity would have gotten the best of me which I why I consumed the book in less than seven hours on an unsuspecting Sunday. 

Slaughter tells of sadness that hits you in the gut and leaves you nauseous and grief stricken. Of disgusting, vile acts, that seem frighteningly real. Of devils who walk among us.

A thrilling, roller-coaster, fucked up must read.

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