friday five//what i love about being a mum

It's Friday and we're currently on day three of B's four day birthday celebration. I'm still feeling super sappy and sentimental so today I want to share five reasons I love being a mum--

it's easy
Being a mum just came naturally and I, quite honestly, find it to be one of the easiest things in the world. Everything I do just feels instinctual, it's not hard and, no, I don't believe I "work" 24 hours a day. Being a mum, to me, isn't a job. I don't think of it as work and, sure, some days are really bloody hard {just like people without kids have hard days -- fancy that!} every day with B. is better than the day before and I look forward to every moment spent being her mum.

i got to experience love at first sight
I did not love my Husband at first sight. No way. Love after 9 months worth of sights, sure. But the first time I saw B. in her ultrasound I knew I loved her with everything that I had. She took my breath away and even though I felt such love when she was in my tummy seeing her weird shaped 3-D self cemented those feelings. And now whenever I look at her, I feel all those rushes of love and just swoon all over again.

i get to live with a cute version of me
B. is her own person, sure, but she's also exactly like me in all the best ways and, man, is she fun to have around. We laugh at the same things and we craft together and we love to snuggle up and watch Golden Girls.

i get to give & show her the love i always craved as a kid
My parents may have loved me but when I was a kid {and even much older} I always felt perpetually unloved. I love that I get to give & show her the love I always wanted. And I love that B. loves being told she's loved and, in turn, loves telling me I'm loved. 

it's fun
I never really enjoyed life as much until I had B. Gosh, having a kid is kind of the most fun thing in the entire world. And going shopping and to lunch and all the other things? The best. I'm not sure one minute with B. has been boring. Challenging, yes. Poopy {literally}, sure. But boring? Never. If I had the choice to do something with or without B., I'd pick something with her every time. Life just isn't that fun without her.

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