friday five//the to-read list

For as long as I can remember I have loved to read. Reading is beautiful, magical, wonderful and I love transporting myself to different places as I fall into a really good book. Harry Potter. Anything Capote. 1984. Life of Pi. All trans-formative books. I go through stages of re-reading favourites or devouring new finds and I'm currently in the latter. I always have a list, somewhere, of books I want to read. Here are five top picks from my scribbled, tattered, one of the moment --

In Don't You Cry, Esther disappears without a trace. That's all I need to hear to be drawn back into the Kubica world. You know I love a good thriller and Kubica never disappoints {see Pretty Baby and The Good Girl reviews}. Can't wait to devour this.

I can not find this book anywhere and, so, The Good Neighbor lingers on my list until I can see it in person {I prefer to buy books in person rather than online}. In Banner's work Sarah discovers a shocking secret that makes her doubt everything -- her friends, her neighbors, her Husband. It sounds delicious.

Caitlin and Sean go out for an early morning run. Only Sean returns. The book follows the grieving family for a year until we learn what happened to Caitlin. This is the basis for Tim Johnston's Descent and it sounds haunting and terrifying.

The Kind Worth Killing just sounds so haunting doesn't it? The title alone made this a must have addition to my to-read list but the plot sounds gripping. Two strangers meet in an airport and decide to play a game of truth. Soon they're plotting murder and well... when one of the main characters is described as being more psycho than Amy from Gone Girl you know it's going to be good. 

Into The Darkest Corner introduces us to the world of an abuse survivor as she tries to keep herself safe and goes about her life, day to day, trying to survive. It's described as scary and suspenseful and I imagine it's one to devour in one go.

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