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I haven't sat down and really written about what parenting a four {one day from five} year old entails so, today is the day. Let's discuss parenting at this age shall we?

1. B. is very much of the opinion that she's older than she actually is. So, parenting now involves having a kid who has already started school {and seeing lots of shocked faces regarding this development} and thinks she's very much grown up.
2. It also involves tears {from her} at bed time because kid has a lot of nightmares and me trying to reassure her that all is well even though I have no idea how someone can be scared of the dark.
3. Realising that I say "don't be a baby" too much and needing to stop that. I caught myself saying it and realised I may as well be telling her not to feel the things she's feeling {and it's kind of disparaging and rude} and now Husband and I have banned the phrase in our house.
4. Homework. B. gets sight words at school and a home reader every week. She psyches herself out and tells herself she can't learn new words even when she can. Homework times are me trying not to get frustrated with my kid who doesn't realise just how great she is. Sometimes I fail miserably at being calm but then I think back to homework when I was a kid and feel sick at the thought of becoming that. 
5. But as each day passes B. learns more and more words and she reads those home readers so well and makes sentences like "mum saw that dad but"and, perhaps, one day she'll realise that version of butt needs two t's. Until then she thinks she's pretty darn hilarious and so do I. 
6. B. has a flair for the dramatic and she usually talks to people with wild hand motions and her hip jutted out a bit. She gets the dramatics from me. 
7. She thinks that people want to hear every detail about her life and never stops talking. So I always have to tell her to scale things back a bit otherwise nobody would get anything done.
8. There's the thinking and contemplation of stuff like ear piercing. B. says she's old enough and I, of course, stress and worry. And no amount of getting B. to watch videos of other kids getting theirs done and telling her it hurts and suddenly surprising her with a bang sound will talk her out of it. So... parenting now {ish} means a 5 year old with her ears pierced.
9. Currently frustrating B. more than usual because I'm lame and think I'm funny so when she's playing cafes I tell her I want all the things from her shop but refuse to pay for it. So then she goes back to her kitchen/cart and you can hear her muttering about how rude/annoying/silly I'm being and then she'll "dob" on me to Husband and she sounds like she's thirty I tell you.
10. Wondering when the terrible two's are going to happen. She's basically five. Did she miss them? Are the terrible two's going to spring up on us at five? What's happening?

But most of all -- parenting a kid at this age is so wonderfully magical and I can't get enough of it.

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