b. takes five

Well, it's actually happened. I have a five year old kid. She's so grown up and, at the same time, so little and I just adore her so. What did one do without her, I wonder? Had a pretty meh life I imagine. Here's some facts about this five year old B. --

1. B. is loving big school so much that she refuses to admit she's sick because she doesn't want to miss a day. The other week she had a chest infection and no school was imposed on her and she missed her news day which the kids have now been given topics and talking points for and she cried and cried because she so wanted to tell people all about her favourite weather.

2. Currently she says her favourite movie is Beauty and the Beast because {and I quote} the beast turns out nice in the end and Belle's dress is pretty.

3. She still refuses to listen to my rants that *actually* the beast was always nice it was the witch that was the bitch face.

4. She no longer calls me mummy which broke my heart a little. Now, I'm just mum which, once I got used to her being too old for mummy, has become my new favourite name.

5. She calls her dad Lindsay which is his name, yes, but is really hilarious actually. People always comment on it and Husband and I have now taken to calling him her step-dad because we're annoying.


Happy Birthday B. I love and adore you so very much.

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