a room fit for a b.

Here's the thing, I absolutely love pin-worthy homes especially when it comes to kids rooms but when it comes down to implementing that kind of design in my life I just can't commit. It's too much pressure. Too much perfection. So when a fifth birthday comes around and a B. asks for a bunk bed I decide to make a whole new room for her along with it. I pin and Google and lust over dreamy Instagram posts but, look, my life is never going to be really truly Instagrammable. Still, I'm pretty chuffed with the 7 hour outcome --

I picked out the Kingston Loft Bunk Bed for B. that has drawers, shelves and a desk {with drawers also} built in. Love it. Bedding is by Cubby House. Fabulous Day pillow is by Adairs {similar here}. 
We chucked a random assortment of pillows on the top bunk. Yes, that's a poo emoji pillow. A horse that makes noise and moves {Buttercup or Butterscotch I believe}. Comforter and bunting from Kmart.

I found this dream sign at Kmart as well as these pastel dots. The butterflies are over a year old but were also another Kmart find as are these house boxes. B's bookshelf is from an op-shop and I just placed some decor and books on it for her.

The turquoise house shelf holds B's fragrances. Next to it we added her Dear Little Mailbox and underneath is her mushroom stool {purchased 4 years ago} and a little Beanie Baby.

A lollipop that B. got as a gift from a friend in a vase and B's cactus. 

The shelf next to B's bed that acts as a bookshelf/bedside holds a few most read books, this B happy print in a frame {that's actually a birthday card that I had to have}, a special rock that was a gift for B. from a customer at work and a toy.

Underneath that shelf is some Enid Blyton books, B's Frozen Karaoke machine/CD player and a box of library books.

You can also see a glimpse of the "reading corner" we have this chair from Ikea. The cushion was from Adairs {from when I was pregnant with B}.


& that, apparently {with a few other bits & pieces not pictured}, is a room made for a 5 year old. Bloody hard work but so well worth it in the end.

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