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Are you aware that there's this thing in life where people actually give a crap if you change your surname when you get married? There is. Apparently, if you change to your Husband's surname you are a terrible person. Anti-feminist. Abused probably. Weak. Blah. Who the fuck cares?

I did change my name to my Husband's surname when I got married. Husband and I talked about it before and he was happy to change to mine {ha!} which I quickly vetoed. We also discussed making our own surname because he isn't attached to his at all. In the end, we were both far too lazy to do anything of the sort and I was just like, meh, and assumed his name.

I am not abused. Weak. Whatever. My Husband cooks dinner and does the dishes okay? But seriously... this is actually an issue that people think about. They judge people on this crap! As if it's important at all. Change your name. Don't change your name. Who cares! 

This was never an issue in my house. Husband would let me do what I wanted to do when it came to my surname because he's a normal functioning human being. When it came down to it I just took his. The main reason for this was because I couldn't stand my maiden name. For me, it associated me with my father and I just needed to be rid of it. The name was tainted, it made me sad and it didn't feel like me. So I changed. Sure, I could have made up a new one {because lets face facts Gaff is a hideous name} but, see above, I'm a lazy fuck.

Yes, I have been told that my new surname is not my real name. It actually legally is. I have been told I am anti-feminist. Sure. I have been told that my Husband doesn't actually love me because if he did he wouldn't have let me do this. Totally. 

Whatever rational I have to stupid comments doesn't actually matter because this topic doesn't matter. It is quite literally the most non-starter I have heard of. I changed my surname because I wanted to and if anything matters in this topic it is this.

So if you're in the same boat or nearing it, please just do whatever the fuck you want to do. Don't let anyone get you down. Just do you. 

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