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After some truly adorable character stickers? As obsessed with Star Wars & Harry Potter as me? Love some good cutesy love-themed stickers? Look no further than Confessions By Court

I ordered 3 pages of stickers - Harry Potter, Star Wars {called "outer space" stickers} & cute perfect match picks {I plan to use these to mark date nights with Husband}. They came packaged together as such with some cute little samples that almost made the two week wait {from order to door} worth it. That elephant though! So adorable. 

All of the stickers I ordered are matte {a.k.a not glossy} which I actually tend to prefer when it comes to planner stickers. I think matte is easier to apply and write on {if need be}. Glossy stickers tend to "pop" better off the page but I think these pretties from CBC are lovely in all their matte-ness. 

The Harry Potter & Star Wars were $3.50 each. The perfect match was $3.00. Usually I wouldn't spend that much on non-functional stickers but these were just too delicious to pass up -- perfection. 

Now, as I mentioned earlier the wait on these was 2 weeks which was advised at checkout but still...ridiculous, no? From post to door these took an entire week to get to me so keep that in mind when purchasing. I'm pretty impatient but I'm just so chuffed with these that I couldn't hold a grudge for too long. 

Here are the gloss sticker samples all on their lonesome. As you can tell, when photographed they have a glossy sheen to them. They also feel nicer to touch & they're all pretty darn adorable. 

Another bonus for me was that the package had a "do not bend" sticker affixed. Simple, yes, but necessary and a wonderful touch. 

Confessions By Court is currently on a short break but as soon as she reopens I highly recommend anyone obsessed with planner stickers gives some of her products a go {yes, postage time and all}. A definite repurchase for me. 

& here are some of the stickers in action --

because I'm wonderfully lame I went through my new planner and added perfect pairs to each of our monthly date nights. I love how whimsical they are. 

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