I was recently reminded that Seven is one of the greatest movies of all time. And, no, it's not just the Kevin Spacey factor but, also, yes, yes it is. 

Nobody does deadly sins better than Seven. Nobody. 

I'm not a huge Brad Pitt fan and, to be honest, this is the only movie of his I can stand him in. I find it tricky to separate an actors personal life from their professional one but Seven is just too darn good. I can't give it up. Besides Freeman and Spacey more than make up for Pitt's presence.

Can we just discuss how genius it is that nobody knew Spacey was in it until his first scene? How surprising it was? Spacey can play a psychopath, we all know that, and in this he's perfection. When I watch the movie I obsess over his every move, how calculated, how brilliant. Love him.

Love the whole darn movie and the final showdown. Ugh. I get excited just thinking about boxes and wrath and envy. 

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