let's visit my bedside...

my bedside table that is...

I'm just a sticky beak and I love seeing what people keep on their bedside tables. It's such a personal thing and sneak peek into who they are isn't it? Case in point, Husband has nothing on his aside from a phone charging on occasion. Such a Husband thing to do. 

Mine, of course, is such a jumbled mess of stuff and is either pin straight or messy as fuck. Me to a T. 

Over the years, my bedsides have changed from mini to massive and currently I'm loving the latter. Husband re-purposed our old dining table into a coffee table that eventually became my bedside and I love that there's plenty of room for everything I need. Though, I must admit, it's pretty obnoxious {just like me!}

I like to keep the essentials here and, of course, the "essentials" are really anything but. There's a framed picture of Maxy, tissues, medication and vitamins. I like to keep a notepad and pens handy {the desire to write a dozen lists always strikes at bedtime}, also crayons because I do like to colour and sometimes B. will pull up a stool and do some work here while I'm writing in bed.

I have some inspiration books and my current eye mask.

I currently have some other "lovey" framed prints, some notepads and various trays/bowls/boxes for all manner of things like jewellery, hair ties, a toy from B. & a lolly {?}. 

Rest assured my bedside table is rarely this clean. It is mostly a jumbled mess of mine & B's stuff because this is my brain most of the time. And, also, having anxiety makes me want/need to have everything tidy all the damn time but having depression makes the mess seem impossible and unbearable. My life is juggling between both and, mostly, failing miserably {just so you know}.

What's on your bedside table?

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