j reads//the good girl by mary kubica

After a thrilling read? One that makes you all fidgety and antsy as you read it? That rattles your core?

Meet The Good Girl. All those things and more.

Because when a girl from a wealthy family is missing and the police have no clue you know you're in for a ride. 

Colin has been watching Mia. He knows everything about her. Where she works. Where she buys her groceries. His job is to abduct Mia and deliver her to his employers but there's just something about her that makes him change his mind. Instead Colin seeks refuge with his captive in a secluded cabin as they evade his superiors and the police.

The Good Girl tells the story from multiple sides but gives nothing away. It's suspenseful and haunting. Kubica's words stay with you long after the final page has been turned, long after the cover closed and the book set down. Mia's story is sad, heart-wrenching, frightening and compulsive and Kubica writes in such a way that you feel on the verge of hypothermia with the characters, you travel through all the layers of grief and fear. You're scared when they're scared, swallowing back tears as they shed their's and, ultimately, feel betrayed, shocked and broken as they turn their backs and the story closes.

A must read.

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