friday five//the lazy oaf edit

If there is one brand that embodies "me" it is Lazy Oaf and, look, yes, I am just basing that on their name. Luckily, they don't just have their name going for them -- they have some pretty adorable pieces too. You can shop them here but I most like to get my Oaf on when I'm trawling Asos for bunny and cat items that I most certainly do need. Take a look at my top five picks --

one. the baby tea dress -- I love a good tea dress and this denim take is wonderful. The black detailing and the embroidery take it up a notch.

two. a weird one piece -- I'm weird and I like it. This swimsuit is quirky and pretty and even though Australia is nearing flannelette sheets and heater weather I want to snap this up in preparation for swimming season. By the way, how cute are the ruffles?

three. denim patches -- quirky & a lighter denim to add to the collection. Love the patches on this.

four. bird dress -- in the same style to one & three but oh-so very different. I love a detailed collar and some pretty birds. Yes please!

five. piano shirt -- sometimes black & white can be drab but the buttons, collar and frill hem make this shirt a must have. I doubt I have the body type for it but it's wonderful all the same. 

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