friday five//the last minute mother's day guide

Eek, it's almost Mother's Day. Well, that happened rather quickly didn't it? If you haven't finished or even started shopping for that special woman in your life never fear. I am here! But, also, I just realised how stupid that sounds. Sure, the never fear part was utter crap but also the shopping part as if the only thing this occasion calls for is gifts. I know I'm being all grinchy again but seriously? All I really truly want for Mother's Day is a handmade card, snuggles in bed and the free reign to watch all my favourite Disney movies {Enchanted, Snow White, Cinderella, The Jungle Book}. Still, I ain't going to say no to gifts {materialism and all that} and here are five stupidly random favourites --

one. The Force Awakens -- who doesn't need a copy of this on hand at all times?
two. Bart Simpson PJ's|Target -- I may have grown out of watching The Simpsons every single day but the show still holds a special place in my heart and these jammies look adorable and give me cravings to watch the movie right this second. In my humble opinion every mum needs pyjamas.
three. Love Stack Make-up Pocket|Mecca --  simple & gorgeous. Perfect for any mumma to carry around her beauty essentials.
four. Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Quick Bread|Williams Sonoma -- remember when I ranted about this bread last year? Williams Sonoma has now come to their senses and believe me when I tell you that this bread is the most delicious thing in the world and needs to be baked for every mum in the world for Mother's Day breakfast in bed. Unless they're allergic to nuts and then that would be weird.
five. Magnetic To Do List|Kikki-K -- perhaps, the most random selection of all but I need this man. The cat! And who doesn't need a to do list?

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