friday five//some favourite b. memories

As each week comes to a close B. gets closer to five and I get closer to becoming a super extra annoying sentimental person. Behold, some fave memories of the kid--

The time Bailey spent an entire year wearing this hat. Here she wears it backwards so you can't see the bunny face but, man, she loved that bunny hat. And then one day it got so tattered and worn that it had to get thrown away. B. was devastated and we tried to console her with owl and cat beanies but her love affair with them stopped that day and it broke my heart a little. 

When we had B's baby photo shoot and this happened.

When this photo & face happened. One of my absolute favourites.

When she decided she wasn't scared of Santa anymore and after this decided to conquer her fears or just test the scary stuff out. And just like that, she started climbing the really high jungle gyms and just went into things knowing she was awesome and could do it.

When she started laughing. She discovered herself in the mirror and thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world. When she really laughs you have to laugh with her, you can't not. It's infectious. Back then she laughed at her reflection or silly sounds. Now she laughs at poop jokes and cucumber in pantries. 

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