being mum//what i miss the most

Generally, I'm that pretty annoying breed of parent who doesn't miss anything about life before baby. I mean, why would I? Life with B. is infinitely more fun than it was without her. But, look, I must confess, there is one thing I miss. Morning sex.

When was the last time I had morning sex? 5 years ago. Perhaps just a smidge more. I miss it I tell you. Remember how delicious it is to wake up next your somebody and just want to jump on? Remember how fun it is to wake them up by kissing them in places? Yeah that. I miss it.

You can't have morning sex with a kid. Sure, you could lock yourself in your room or lock them in theirs but that's just not me. Perhaps, it could happen while B. is watching TV with breakfast but it wouldn't be as enjoyable now would it? Imagine the pressure. Imagine the time constraints. A quickie is wonderful a few times a week but not in the morning. Never in the morning. Morning sex should be luxuriated over like breakfast in bed only better.

One day I'll have morning sex again. I'm not sure when that will be. Perhaps if B. has a sleepover at someone else's house? When B. grows up and moves out? I don't know but as soon as it dawns in the future I'm writing it down to celebrate.

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