the great brow tragedy of twenty sixteen

For the past three plus years I have been growing out my brows. When I was a teen thin brows were in so I went crazy and plucked them into oblivion. Fast forward ten plus years and I got into makeup, thick brows became a thing and I tried, mostly in vain, to grow my sparse and patchy brows out. It was going quite well actually until a week or so ago and, look, I may never recover.

Picture it, April twenty sixteen. B. and I are shopping and my brows are in desperate need of a tidy and a tint. I shuffle into a place I'd never been before and like I always do I tell them what I want done except... I have never needed to tell someone that I am growing my brows out because it's obvious! and it's just what's done okay? But, look, I obviously got too content in the fact that brow people just know what growing out brows look like because she waxed it all away. Ugh.

My brows have now reverted back to thin, patchy, hideousness and I want to cry. Three years plus down the drain and I don't know if I can even be bothered attempting the grow out again. It took so darn long to get them even forty percent back to normal and I'm just not sure I have the energy for it anymore. 

It's stupidly heartbreaking. I do feel devastated because my brows are important to me and I tried so darn hard to get them how I wanted them and I was almost there! And now I'm back to where I started and life kind of feels less awesome.

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