still obsessed with stickers//here's a studio kylie haul

Over the Easter Weekend I hopped on to Etsy and spent a good eleventy hundred hours searching for planner stickers. My plan was to find one shop that ticked all my boxes for sticker basics {why is that even a thing I think?} that was also based in Australia. Meet Studio Kylie -- a lovely sticker shop based in Sydney New South Wales that introduces "beautiful planners and printables for you and your home".

Everything I purchased was from the "petal" range -- two lots of these flag & appointments stickers, one sheet of this variety pack, one sheet each of the important and don't forget! stickers, two lots of the piggy banks, two lots of the gift boxes, one sheet of paw prints and one of the blood drop {for period tracking -- I don't know, look, if I have to bleed it best be marked pretty in my planner}.

*the little sheet with the thank you sticker & easter goodies was just a bonus in this pack.

When I purchased my stickers the shop was running a special code/deal thing so I was sent some bonus items too. It's specified that the shop will *try* and match the bonus goodies to what you purchased and, of course, mine are perfect. I got 7 sheets in total with labels, symbol variety, planner icons, hexagons, scallops, cars & cameras {I have linked the ones I could find}.

It may seem rather lame to be so stupidly excited about free stickers {or just stickers in generally really} but I just can't help it. I'm addicted. It's my new sugar rush. And getting so many bonus goodies when I wasn't expecting that amount is just wonderful.

 & this. People/companies who do adorable little gestures like this just win me over right from the get go. I am pretty darn delightful!


Some other thoughts:

*I made the order on the Good Friday and the package was shipped the next day {long weekend and all}. I received my parcel on Wednesday {keeping in mind that Monday was a public holiday}.

*All of the stickers in the shop are well priced and the shipping {which was free on this occasion} costs are great.

*All of the stickers from Studio Kylie are on repositionable sticker paper which means they're matte rather than glossy but! they're great for any change of mind or cancelled/rescheduled plans. & they actually peel and re-stick wonderfully.

*The stickers are packaged with a piece of cardboard in sealed plastic so they're kept safe and sound.

*New favourite Etsy shop.

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