i hate being connected

Sometimes I feel like a big fat weirdo. Aside from the fact that I am actually a big fat weirdo I also hate being connected. Hate it with a passion. I spend a fortune on phones {upgrading whenever I damn well feel like} and collect cases as if they're going out of business but I hate having a mobile phone. I hate the idea of always being reachable. I hate that if someone texts you the expectation is that you have to text back right away otherwise you're ignoring them.

I hate that if your phone rings you're expected to answer it. I hate that social networking is just a click away. Hate it all. I may always be on my phone {except when I'm with someone} but I am rarely engaged in what I'm doing and always, always, hating every second of it. The dread that someone may actually call me freaks me out. I rarely answer my phone. It's always on silent just in case. I firmly subscribe to the theory that if someone really needs to talk to you they'll leave a voicemail otherwise the call needn't have occurred in the first place. 

I hate texting. Okay, that's a lie. I don't mind texting but only if it serves a purpose. I will only contact someone if I have something to say otherwise don't expect to hear from me.

I hate checking and replying to emails. The thought that I actually need to be professional freaks me out, as if it's all a big practical joke because I'm really a fool who only bought an iPhone so they could get a case with a unicorn saying i'm a unicorn bitch. I can't human very well.

A very big part of me wants to give up the mobile phone life and get a home phone. Remember the good old days when you never had to speak to anyone? That's my bliss right there. But, alas, insert stupid excuse about living in the modern age here. I have a kid. I need to be contactable at all times. I have anxiety and need to check in on loved ones when worry strikes. And there's no damn pay phones anywhere! Don't you miss those?

For now, I'm stuck in a love/hate relationship with my phone and technology as if it's kinda-sorta-maybe the enemy but not really.

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