i don't understand the obsession with weight

Big? Small? I could care less. Why does it seem as though the world gets more and more obsessed with weight as each day passes? As if being "fat" or "skinny" even matters. As if losing baby weight is the be all and end all. As if we don't have more important things to worry about.

Look, this isn't about people who love fitness and eating acai bowls or whatever. This is about the constant barrage of "I can't wait to look like this again" photos after having a baby. The shaming people for being too big or too small. The idea that people can deam others too fat or too skinny based on our own perceptions of size. Ridiculous.

I find it such a terrible shame that people see pregnancy weight as a sign of disgust. That people see photos of themselves pregnant and are shamed. Shouldn't we be proud of our bodies? That they did something some women can't do? I got to have a healthy baby. I carried her in my stomach for over 40 weeks. Nothing else matters. Not stretch marks or some saggy skin. Not photos where a stomach is protruding. Not a bad chin photo. Nothing. 

Why can't we be proud of our bodies full stop? Why is it always about getting a flat stomach and stretch marks being the enemy? Why are we all so vapid and vain? It's gross.

Lose weight if you want to lose weight. Don't if you don't. Be healthy. Be happy. That's all. Stop obsessing. Stop critiquing. Stop placing so much of your value {or any of your value} in what you weigh. It's ridiculous and such a stupid way to live. 

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