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On Wednesday night I finished the last season of Parks & Rec. 7 seasons in total and while the show finished on a good note I wasn't ready to say goodbye. I am currently in awesome-show mourning. The same kind that hits me whenever I finish all of Golden Girls. There's sadness, denial and longing. A kind of heavy feeling, an ache. I miss Pawnee.

Parks & Rec def. has a Golden Girls feel to it -- the always kind of show. Re-watchable. Uplifting. Fun. With that in mind {and the desperate need to start from the beginning again}, today I am going to share my five favourite moments from the show --

My all time favourite moment is when Garry/Jerry/Terry/Larry is given the honorary position as Mayor {from which he'll continue to be re-elected) and Leslie throws him a confirmation. The character is such a lovable oaf and I think he's adorable. This scene is such a fitting conclusion and so well deserved after seven seasons of being mocked mercilessly. Just look at his face! So cute.

This photo of April & Andy before they become a couple -- a glimpse into the wonderful couple they'll become. I love it, like a premonition of sorts. I adore that the photo continues to pop up throughout the series. Pure joy.

Ben & Leslie's wedding is ridiculous and kind of almost-wasn't and I love that because it screams "them". I love that they didn't have a huge wedding, that all they wanted was to just be married and that at the end they sat together in front of this painting.

I tried {I promise!} to pick a favourite Ron moment but I just couldn't. Too hard. Let's do algebra instead. I love Ron. All his scenes but particularly his love of breakfast food, whenever he's with Tammy Two and whenever he gives a speech. 

When Ann leaves. I love Leslie and Ann's friendship but I could just never like Ann so when she left it was kind of the best day of my life. Sorry Rashida Jones. But the real reason I love this moment in the show was because it was poignant and sweet and because they drove off to Wildflowers by Tom Petty and it just made my heart happy. 

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