friday five//early picks for mum

Sometimes, Mother's Day seems like such a sham because a) I don't have a mum so the day is all about me and that feels weird and b) there's no kids day {and there really should be} so I feel like a greedy bitch. Also, it's such a Hallmark day isn't it? Sure, it's nice to have presents and get spoiled but you know what? Bailey appreciates me every day of the year so, really, every day with that kid is, as soppy as it sounds, Mother's Day. Still, Husband likes to celebrate me as mum {because I am pretty darn awesome} and B. loves that there's a special day just for me so I can't be too grinchy about it now can I?

This year I'm getting in early to share five picks that are perfect for Mother's Day {hallmark-y sop and all} --

one. this peony nightie|peter alexander -- pyjamas are scientifically proven to make people feel better. Scientists also believe that the more a mum wears pyjamas the better mum she'll be. True {false} facts.
two. this pug tea towel|typo -- I have a pug tea towel that it is framed and on the wall in my home. I also need this one for the exact same reason but hung in the kitchen.
three. a polka dotted pom pom throw|lark store -- The mum who collects throws as if her life depends on it is the coolest mum of all. Hey, I do that! Well, look at that. And, look, let's pretend that the mums who do this are doing it for the comfort of those around them. Yeah. Sure.
four. this disney princess art therapy colouring book|amazon -- sure your mum might already have twenty colouring books but, look, she obviously needs more even though she may tell you and others that they shouldn't hoard products but, look, mums who like Disney and colouring are above all that.
five. this mug|kikki-k -- for the mumma who likes tea. Me! I like tea! And despite not being totally into manufactured celebrations I will now declare that if I don't receive this for Mother's Day I'll chuck a massive tantrum and will not leave my bed.

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