friday five

This week has been a strange mix of working {which feels unnatural during school holidays}, being sick, rest, play & tears and I'm just glad it's coming to end even if next week marks school back for B. Since I've been feeling a bit blah and am in no real mood to do anything aside from wear pyjamas and be lazy I'm sharing the five things that have helped make this dream into reality this week. Here goes nothing --

Parks & Rec. -- hilarious. Two words: Ron Swanson. The end.

Studio Kylie Stickers -- I may have placed another order. I may be getting ready to break into another planner come March 30 to replace my 2016 planner that I spent $60 on and got bored with 2 months in. Studio Kylie is amazing so, really, these stickers were an essential part of life. 

B. -- something BIG happened this week which was the cause of many tears shed. Being around this kid can be heart breaking at times {more on this later} but, also, the best thing in the entire world. B. has just started telling us "jokes". Her idea of comedy is putting cucumbers in the pantry. Or a dog toy on the floor. Hilarious stuff.

Perfect Pairs -- these stickers from Confessions By Court will be my new "date night" stickers & even though I haven't received them yet {1-2 weeks, really???} I love them already.

Delicious Bedding -- there's just something about lazing around with gorgeously soft & whimsical bedding that makes my heart happy. I love this pillow case from Adairs but is it just me or do peas and corn go better together?

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