current beauty arsenal

mario badescu almond & honey non-abrasive face scrub -- smells divine, is wonderfully creamy with a nice scratch to it. nourishing too

soap & glory flake away -- the most delicious smelling body scrub that doesn't tear at your skin & actually works

origins ginzing moisturiser -- I've raved about this before and I still adore it. so wonderfully hydrating & plumping

first aid beauty facial radiance pads -- scrubs, removes any residual makeup and leaves skin feeling soft & fresh

first aid beauty facial radiance serum -- looks like sperm and, look, I've had both on my face and I much prefer this. a fab little night time treat

ren clearcalm clay cleanser -- this does not remove makeup so *warning* but also it works so darn well once you remove it. so perfect for clear, clean skin

first aid beauty ultra repair oatmeal mask -- just a wonderfully scented mask that feels divine

origins ginzing eye cream -- another previous rave that I'm still loving. plumps, hydrates and brightens the under eye area

soap & glory heel genius -- an actual genius product for the entire foot actually & it smells pepperminty not medicinal which is the biggest plus I've ever seen

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