cleaning the stash

When it comes to beauty products I am obsessed with buying and obsessed with purging. If something is a disappointment I don't keep it around. Some go to B. but the majority get thrown out. I also *try* and keep things at a minimum because I get very anxious with clutter and my makeup hoarding was just getting too darn ridiculous. I store the majority of my beauty products in a long drawer in my room. I try to keep it tidy and organised but, look, I'm a lazy fool okay? The other night I finally broke from stress about this darn drawer and hey presto! I cleaned it. Go me. Here's how it went down --

 Have pulled out my drawer and gathered my brush bag. Why are there gross used tissues and empty packaging things here? Why am I so bloody lazy?

First thing first is to take everything out one at a time and sort it into piles -- keep and trash. Then clean out all the gunk. I wiped out the empty drawer {though some makeup stains would not budge} and my two creamy-white tubs.

This is all the trash. That Revlon mousse foundation is just blah, the Bareminerals Bareskin is so nice but the packaging is hideous. The rest are either too worthless to keep or very old. Look at all those lip products! I'll miss them. Those sponges are not wet-able and, so, pointless to me. I gave the ecotools brush, a bronzer and eyeshadow to B. The rest is trash.

This is all the keep -- a huge jumbled mess. Sort it all out...

& get this...

Sort through your bags and pull together your travel stuff. Keep the essentials in the 'it' kit that you can't be without when out. The rest goes in the bin {that eos is trash} or back in the drawer. And...

Perfection. Minimal. Love.

There are only 2 products in here that I don't actually use -- the Chanel & the YSL which are more memento pieces and ones that I cherish {Husband got me the YSL before we were even married & the Chanel is from our 3rd wedding anniversary}.

& that's it! I kind of love the challenge of purging my stuff on a monthly basis whether it be beauty, clothes, accessories or other stuff around the home. A minimal {to me} stash makes my head feel clearer and makes getting ready so darn easy.

Also, I really want to point out that my NARS eyelash curler is still the best beauty purchase I have ever made and is still going strong 3+ years later. Love it. 

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