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 *just so you know this post is brought to you by Nuffnang and Bunchems

Let's start off this post by being completely honest shall we? Before being sent Bunchems I was scared of them. I had dabbled with the idea of gifting some to B. for Christmas last year but all I saw online was how horrible these crafty little things were. They get stuck in your hair! they said. Stay away! So I did...

But here's the thing, and I'm not just saying this because I was sent these, why would my kid put these in her hair? She's almost five. She knows what's what. So, fear and crisis adverted because seriously...

 B. & I were sent the Mega Pack with comes with over 400 pieces. There are 36 accessories which include eyes, pretty mouths, legs and adorable hats & glasses {kind of like a modern version of Mr. Potato Head}.

The pack we received had a fun mix of colours -- red, purple, orange, yellow, white, black, blue & green. They come separated in this cardboard box. The accessories came in plastic bags which means there's no section to store them, however, you also get this little container {which displays the colours at the front of the package} which is a perfect size for all the bits & bobs.

After digging into the package we started building right away. I was instantly hooked but B. had some trouble in the beginning because she thought the Bunchems were "too wobbly" and "too tricky" to use. After some pouting she came back to them with fresh eyes {since we explained they were meant to be flexible & reusable) and fell in love.

{psst... I love that they look like flowers from this angle}

We made cookie monster-chicken hybrids & funny fairies...

& then this weirdly adorable little guy.

The pack also comes with a guide which gives you ideas and tells you how to make certain things -- like this unicorn which *ahem* is wonderful right? I decided it needed sunglasses which is what I love most about the Bunchems. There's no one way to do things. No rules. No mess. No limits.

For me Bunchems are for adults & kids alike. The furry "burr" like plastic spheres aren't sharp or uncomfortable and they're easy to mold and are wonderfully squeezable. I like that they combine construction and craft, giving us a nice break from Lego or Play-Doh and bringing the three of us together.

Bailey's favourite part is {and I quote}: they feel like squeeze.

& I just love that they're fun and easy. There's no need for glue, no way that the ridiculous mess of glitter needs to be included and no fear of stepping on these in the middle of the night and experiencing labour-like pains in your foot. 

Now that we've tried them and stamped out the Bunchems in hair fear I would definitely pick these up in store for B. & me for all the reasons already said and because the other night B. went to bed dreaming about building a house with these and me. Love that.

If you want to try Bunchems you can purchase them here

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